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The Enemy Of Great

Good is the enemy of great according to Jim Collins, and good enough never is.

As leaders we often feel that our standards are too high; too unrealistic. I would argue that that belief is a nonsense. More likely we havent found the people or the way to achieve the standards of excellence that will set our business apart. People like Bezos, Branson and Musk on the other hand have.

You might argue that they can afford the very best talent, but they couldn’t always, and even the very best talent have to be led by the very best leaders in order to reach a level of greatness.

Are your standards really too high or have you simply been unable to attract the right people and lead them in the right way for them to be able to deliver the standards you desire? Or are you simply failing to model the behaviour you want to see? An all too common reason for falling short.

In fact very often our standards simply arent high enough. To illustrate this point I challenge you to read 12 Habits Of Valuable Employees by Verne Harnish, Kevin Daum et al. I will wager that you will read the example in each chapter and find it to be a pretty good example until you read the ‘effective’ performance. It will cause you to recalibrate what good looks like.

So the questions for this week are;

  • Are your expectations really set high enough?
  • How would you know?
  • Are your processes for recruitment, motivating, developing and rewarding your team fit for the purpose of getting to best in class?
  • Where will you start to improve?

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