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"I joined the Scale Up Leaders’ Academy cohort in January 2023. At this time, I was 15 months into being the CEO of my organisation and whilst we’d achieved a lot in this period, I wanted to ensure our growth strategy was sustainable and with a clearer purpose.

"Ian changed my mindset in a way I didn’t realise I needed. I knew I liked taking on new challenges but I didn’t have a growth mindset.

"Ian is a believer in lifelong learning and has inspired me to read more and I’ve developed a thirst for knowledge and self-development. This increased knowledge has given me more confidence and I am a better leader for this, and I know that my organisation is reaping the benefit.

"I also enjoyed working with my fellow leaders in the cohort which was very supportive and encouraging."

Elaine Stroud, Entrepreneurs' Forum

"Ian has been instrumental in shaping my views on how to build a successful business. His expertise and experience have been exceptional, and our sessions together have been a source of inspiration.

"Ian played a crucial role in coaching me through a recent business restructure. During this challenging process, having someone like Ian on my side was incredibly reassuring, offering excellent guidance and unwavering support. His insights and expertise helped me navigate the complexities of the restructuring confidently and with clarity.

"Having Ian as my coach has transformed my business approach and helped me become the best version of myself as a business owner. His ability to provide practical advice while fostering personal growth is commendable.

"I highly recommend Ian's services to any business owner seeking guidance, mentorship, and a fresh perspective. His passion for helping others succeed is evident in every interaction, and I am truly grateful for his positive impact on my business and personal development."

Chris Carroll, MGC Agency

“I started working with Ian just over nine months ago following a suggestion from a friend who had engaged a business coach and claimed that they couldn’t now live without them.

“I’ll admit, the sessions with Ian are nothing like I thought they would be. He has helped myself and my business partner, Dave, learn more about ourselves for us to grow our business. It isn’t structured or regimented, as I had imagined it was going to be, it is very fluid, adapts each week depending on what has happened at work or in our lives.

“Neither myself or Dave have a business background, we have both worked our way up from the ‘tools’. Ian has helped us grow exponentially as business leaders and we now have upwards of 65 people that work on behalf of us. The company is a different beast.

“Having access to a business coach like Ian, with such valuable, on the ground experience, it a no brainer. He isn’t Googling or reading from a book, he has lived and breathed it. I'd recommend anybody who's got a business and wants to develop themselves and become a better leader to not think twice about engaging with a business coach like Ian.”

Mark Coleman, Managing Director, GeoAccess Ltd

“I’ve worked with Ian for just over a year now and he’s already taught me so much. He’s also worked with the business as a whole for a number of years, having coached all of the senior leadership team here at TaperedPlus.

“The coaching has been valuable to me as nobody teaches you how to scale up when you’re an employee, working at a big corporate company. Ian taught me that the emphasis should be on looking forward rather than back and, while your main goal in scaling is to make a profit, you need to do it in the right way to create the right culture in the team.

“As a business owner, a valuable lesson I learned from Ian was about “the power of one” - look it up. It emphasises how small changes can have a huge impact on profitability.

“On a personal level, my sessions with Ian taught me the importance of having structure around my meeting rhythms and habits – he changed the way I organise myself and helped me identify my weaknesses to work on.

“He also opened my eyes to having personal time, and the importance of having a life outside work – one of the most valuable lessons there is.”

Rob Vass, chief technical officer at TaperedPlus Ltd

“I’ve known Ian for eight years - I consider him as my coach and also as my friend. I first met Ian at one of his free seminars at a time when it felt like my business was running me, not the other way around. As well as his evident business acumen and clarity of delivery, what particularly appealed to me about Ian were his points regarding developing strategies to achieve work-life balance.

“We’ve worked together several times over the years and it’s true what Ian says: ‘you need to grow the business leader in order to grow the business’ and ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

“Ian is a great listener, is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients. He helped me to understand what really mattered to me both in business and in life and to develop a clear strategy and plan to achieve my goals. I now spend more precious time with my son and have found the perfect balance.

“Any top performer, whether they be an athlete or a business owner, needs a coach – a trusted guide and sounding board. Life, for me, is about balance: balancing the achievement of clear business objectives and meaningful life goals. All of this is achievable with a great coach in your corner.”

Julian Allinson, director of IP Contracts Law Firm

"In the strongest words possible, I would recommend Ian as a Business Coach to any business owner who is serious about winning in a competitive market."

Alasdair Ross, CEO, We Do HR Ltd.

"Ian Kinnery is a lovable character who is brutally honest and thinks outside the box. I was apprehensive about leadership team coaching but Ian clearly set the agenda and put everyone at ease. The business impact is that we are producing more and our volumes are increasing. The personal impact is that everyone is happier and more confident in their role."

Phil Tye, COO, ERW Joinery

Some testimonials from the - Scale-up Leaders' Academy

Helping ambitious business owners to prepare for sustainable high-growth, the Entrepreneurs' Forum's Scale-up Leaders' Academy will enable you to scale sustainably with the support of your peers and a clear strategic plan.

Spread over half a year, the Scale-up Leaders' Academy is a programme of dedicated support that will help you prepare to grow your company faster and more sustainably through a mix of:

  • Scale-up coaching
  • Peer group support and sharing of best practice
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring support
  • Action-led workshops / learning

There have been some amazing people put through the programme, you can find out more by clicking here.

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Ian Kinnery | North East Business and Scale Up Coach | Client

“Ian gave us all the tools to move forward and do things we didn't know we could do.”

Jayne Stephenson
CEO, Marton Electrical

Ian Kinnery | North East Business and Scale Up Coach | Client

“It’s an unwritten with Ian. Your life will change.”

Steve Smith
Owner, Davison Smith Financial Management

Ian Kinnery | North East Business and Scale Up Coach | Client

“I didn't realise how much of a fog I was operating in.”

Julie Mathieson

Trust me,
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No matter what challenges you’re facing right now, they’re probably not as extreme as what I faced.

And if they are, I’m proof that you can overcome them.

Now, as a multi-accredited business coach with over three decades of experience starting and scaling businesses, I help ambitious entrepreneurs grow their businesses safely and with ease so they can experience true entrepreneurial freedom in their lives.

If you’re feeling trapped, or if you’re tired of how you’ve been living, or if you know you have to create a new reality for yourself and your business, I can help you.

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