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My mission is to help you grow and scale your business safely and with ease, without compromising your most important values.

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I know how hard it is
to grow a business.

By my mid-thirties, I had bought and built my own car dealership. A decade later, it looked as if the business was doing great with 70 employees, state-of-the-art showrooms, and healthy revenues.

But there was a problem.

My business had grown too big and I wasn’t equipped to handle the pressure. Although my business had grown, I had not.

The business was completely controlling me.

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Ian Kinnery | North East Business Coach | Kinnery

My story is extreme.

That business cost me my marriage, my home, and came within 10 minutes of costing me my life. I was working hard but not smart.

I didn’t believe I had a moment to spare.

I stopped eating healthy foods, sleeping well, and exercising enough. I became a dictator for my team instead of a leader for them. My body and mind were crying out for help but I couldn’t hear.

I couldn’t hear until I ended up hospitalised, completely burnt out.


Trust me,
you’re headed somewhere great.

No matter what challenges you’re facing right now, they’re probably not as extreme as what I faced.

And if they are, I’m proof that you can overcome them.

Now, as a multi-accredited business coach with over three decades of experience starting and scaling businesses, I help ambitious entrepreneurs grow their businesses safely and with ease so they can experience true entrepreneurial freedom in their lives.

If you’re feeling trapped, or if you’re tired of how you’ve been living, or if you know you have to create a new reality for yourself and your business, I can help you.

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I can help you if:

  • Your business is successful but you know it can be extraordinary
  • You feel like you must work even harder, seemingly at everything, to try to save something
  • You're hungry for growth but also crave a more meaningful life
  • You see no clear path forward
  • You want a coach, not a cheerleader
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Ian Kinnery is a lovable character who is brutally honest and thinks outside the box. I was apprehensive about leadership team coaching but Ian clearly set the agenda and put everyone at ease. The business impact is that we are producing more and our volumes are increasing. The personal impact is that everyone is happier and more confident in their role.

Phil Tye, COO, ERW Joinery

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Personalised Coaching

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Informed by Experience

Not just theory

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Guaranteed Results

Earn more than you invest

Ian Kinnery | North East Business Coach | Van
Featured Client Story

“It felt like a relief of
pressure that was
building up.”

Dan Parker, MD, Aspect Facades

Dan Parker set up Aspect Facades in 2017 with his business partner Andrew Howe, determined to build a company that broke free from the restrictive traditional working models the construction sector is known for.

Aspect Facades grew faster and bigger than expected. Dan and Andrew felt forced down the growth route and ended up working up to 16 hours per day and on weekends.

Like many successful business owners, they had hit a wall on growth and struggled to climb it alone.