The changing world of work series: Managing difficult circumstances

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The changing world of work series: Managing difficult circumstances

Anybody who has ever worked with me will know I like a good quote.

Often they are wise words uttered by great business leaders, philosophers or fellow coaches – but rarely by Irish popstars.

However, Ronan Keating once came up with a great one – life is a rollercoaster.

It really is.

For all those dizzying highs, there can be some real lows.

And in the business world, hard times can be particularly devastating.

Michaela Reaney knows a lot about hard times, both personally and professionally.

That’s why she was the perfect guest to join me on the latest episode of my new video series, where we discussed managing difficult circumstances, as part of my ongoing series into the changing world of work.

She’s faced her fair share of adversity, from closing a business to undergoing heart surgery in her 20s.

But as Michaela discovered, there are ways to cope – and that actually, experiencing difficult circumstances can actually grow both yourself and your business.

Unfortunately, Michaela had to close a business last year. That meant job losses and personal loss.

But she is the first to admit that during that enormously difficult time, she grew enormously as both a business leader and as a human being.

That’s because she faced the problem head-on. When it came down to fight or flight, she chose the former.

She owned it, and from that she developed the sort of resilience and tenacity you’d pay a small fortune for.

Sadly, that’s not something you are taught at school (even though, as discussed on the show, it should be).

However, there are ways to develop these skills without enduring the stress of closing a business.

Coaching can help develop your resilience and arm you with the mental strength needed to navigate even the choppiest waters.

And if you run or operate a business, there’s a chance that – at some point – you’ll find yourself waist-deep in them.

Business isn’t easy. Being an entrepreneur, or a leader, is mentally and emotionally draining.

But coaching can be the lifejacket you need in those choppy waters – and like both myself and Michaela, if you utilise it, you’ll eventually find yourself back on dry land.

To watch the full episode, click here.