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Playing to Win

Are you playing to win, or are you playing not to lose? Really?

Playing to win is often characterised by boldness, lack of inhibition, confidence, daring and producing our best art; by constant improvement, iteration and intensive focus on providing value and showing up at our best.

Playing not to lose generally comes from a place of fear, of not wanting to be too out there. It is a defensive stance which prevents us from being our best and providing all the value that we can. It creeps up on us insidiously like a middle age spread or a lack of fitness. We don’t set out to be mediocre or lacklustre usually but that is often where we end up as the gravity of the status quo overwhelms us and drags us back to average.

As a customer I almost fell victim to this recently. A supplier who I know is capable of delivering great value, I felt, had moved towards the lacklustre. Hopefully we were able to point out how playing not to lose was causing them not to bring all that they could to the world and that is something that the world needs.

What about you? Are you operating from a place of boldness or fear?

So the questions for this week are;

  • Who are you when you are at your best?
  • What is it that you uniquely bring to the world that makes the world better?
  • How often are you operating at peak performance?
  • What difference would it make if you were to be able to increase that by 10%?
  • What will you do to achieve that?

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