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Now Is Not The Right Time

The best time to plant a tree is either twenty years ago or today, according to the old saying.

The time is never right. It could always be a more opportune time; our preparation could have been a degree or two more perfect; by agreeing to do x today it might conflict with y for a couple of weeks, but really saying the time isnt right is just a universal excuse to prevaricate, to put off and to not do whatever it is that you should be doing.

The key to success, in business and in life, is doing the right things in sufficient quantities over a long enough period of time. We often forget the multiplication effect that time has and we look on time as the great enemy. Well it is our friend if we act now and start early; it is our enemy if we allow it to prevent us from taking action.

Is time your enemy or your friend?

So the questions for this week are;

  • What are you saying no to that you should have already started?
  • Do you find yourself using the phrase ‘now is not the right time’ a lot? It is an excuse?
  • Have you invested enough time to find out what the ‘right things’ are for you and your business?
  • When are you going to commit to change? Clue:- if not now then why not?

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