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One of the most impactful concepts I picked up from a recent conference with other world class coaches was the incredible impact that flow can have on individual and team performance. I am not going to quote numbers because  a) I can’t quote them and b) I haven’t validated them yet, but suffice it to say the flow state can deliver a significant multiplication factor.

So one of my tasks is to research the opportunities and methodologies to increase flow and quantify the ensuing benefits. I have been aware of flow and its personal benefits to me for many years. In fact I read ‘Flow’ by  Mihaly Csikszentmihaly almost 20 years ago however I am largely self taught. It feels that now is the time to go deeper.

I suspect you are also interested in peak performance. Why else would you read this blog every week?

So the questions for this week are;

  • What is your current understanding of the state we call ‘flow’?
  • Have you read ‘Flow’ by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly?
  • Are you aware of how often you can reach the state of ‘flow’
  • Do you have deliberate strategies to help you reach that state?


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