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Recently I was helping a client to get clarity on the must have qualities he would need in an ‘ideal team member’. This is an important exercise. Have you done it? Personally, I wouldn’t employ anyone who didn’t show strong evidence of a growth mindset.

Where are your red lines?

We ended up discussing whether ‘experience’ should be on his list. It is a personal choice, of course, but it wouldn’t be on my list of must haves. Why?

Well when I was younger experience was often thrown in my face as a reason not to consider me for the next level job, and I always thought it was an invalid reason. Good enough is old enough. And, in a world that is changing so rapidly, experience is often a euphemism for ‘stuck in her ways’.

However there is one facet of experience that I think is absolutely vital. It is difficult to imagine a Michelin starred chef (or a potential one) who has never experienced fine dining or fine food. I always think that a manager who has never experienced a great leader is at a distinct disadvantage. The actor or dancer who has never even seen a great exponent of the art must struggle to model themselves.

So the questions for this week are;

  • To what level does experience feature in my company’s recruiting process?
  • Is that appropriate?
  • What do I mean by experience in this context?
  • Is there a better descriptor for what I am really looking for?

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