The Top 3 Things to Look For In Your Next Recruit

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The Top 3 Things to Look For In Your Next Recruit

Common sense is rarely common practice. The top 3 things to look for in your next recruit are obvious, but only once you know them and I bet they aren’t all on your list right now. You do have a recruitment checklist, don’t you?

The first is ‘The willingness and ability to learn and grow’.

If your new recruit doesn’t have this and yours is a growth company, they may be perfect for the role today but will very quickly feature in your ‘to remove’ list. And if your company isn’t growing and changing then your company is in danger of becoming redundant too. To quote Jack Welch ‘If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.’ This applies to businesses and markets as well as individuals.

The second is ‘are they a cultural fit?’.

In other words, do they fit with your Core Values and with the character of your firm? In my experience whenever core values don’t align the cracks will start to develop and will ultimately end in a messy split and it isn’t possible for the recruit to ever truly become an A player (almost by definition) if core values don’t align.

The third is the most obvious and it is ‘can they do the job?’

Not only can they but do they want to? So it is not just about skill and technical ability but about motivation too. Be careful if you feel they can too easily do the job, because going back to point 1, where is the stretch? Where is the development? Where is the challenge? Do you really want people who are not at least a little challenged in their role?

Getting the right people in the right seats is one of the most important set of decisions in any business and the one that we have the least expertise in. To start to develop even better skills in this vital business area click here to find out more about my next free live webinar; Make your recruitment process fit for purpose in the Covid Era and beyond. November 25th at 10.00 a.m.

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