The Importance of Getting to Action

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The Importance of Getting to Action

The psychological journey that we refer to as the grief cycle is particularly relevant to us all right now. Often referred to as the five stages of grief or the Kübler-Ross model it tracks our psychological state from denial, through to anger, bargaining, depression, and finally to acceptance. I would suggest that there is a sixth stage which is action. Being aware of the grief cycle is helpful because by understanding what is happening, we can often get to the action stage more quickly. The author Margaret Heffernan, on a recent webinar, urged “Don’t lose your ambition. This situation is unparalleled. Many have the instinct to hunker down, think small. When economies shrink, there are opportunities you will never find any other time”. She is right. There are endless opportunities right now. Not necessarily easy and not necessarily simple but huge opportunities nonetheless. True entrepreneurs thrive in times of change and uncertainty. The level of change and uncertainty across the globe is breathtaking right now. People’s needs and values and priorities have all been shaken. There will be a new world order emerging which will be different from anything we have seen before. The rapid changes that the world was experiencing a few weeks ago are being accelerated dramatically. I urge all business leaders to move quickly to acceptance and then to action to help fashion their place in the new world that is taking shape. You may need to pivot quite dramatically but that is what entrepreneurs do so well. Where are the opportunities around you? What do you need to do to provide value in this new world? What is holding you back? As Marianne Williamson so prophetically observed “Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”. What is yours?