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Routine Sets You Free! by Ian Kinnery

There is something about many of the people who do great things, who build great careers, who create something new and who build businesses. Often they are characterised by a level of restlessness. They want to do better, they are not satisfied with the status quo, they want to be constantly moving. They have an almost obsession with the new and the vibrant and the different. All of which are really positive and useful traits which smooth the way. However for Gazelles businesses, those who are capable of real sustained growth in excess of 20% per year, one of the key disciplines that we have noticed is establishing and maintaining a rhythm of meetings. Daily huddles are essential for communication, coordination and for commitment of the team to each other. Businesses that have established a positive rhythm of daily huddles have reported astounding improvements in all of these areas. Weekly meetings are fundamental in keeping track of our progress towards our monthly goals and add to the accountability and predictability that all good businesses need, while monthly meetings allow us to review whether we achieved, in the month what we set out to achieve and what we have learned from the experience. Every quarter it is a great and necessary discipline in a growing business to step back, to get some perspective and review our progress towards our goals and to set the goals for the next quarter and the metrics that will apply. Combine this rhythm with the rhythm of doing regular performance reviews across the company with our team members and you can start to sense a powerful combined rhythm that beats like a heartbeat within the organisation. Indeed you can argue that the meeting rhythm is the heartbeat of the organisation. In the same way that when we are exercising and pushing ourselves hard our heart rate increases so it is necessary for those businesses which are pushing themselves to grow and get better that their heart rate increases too. Meeting once every three months or so may work for your village stamp collecting society, but can it really work for a fast growing business in the hurly burly of modern day commerce where competition comes from every quarter and the speed of learning and implementation are keys to survival? The routine of coming together regularly in short, sharp, focussed, purposeful meetings will set us free from the ad hoc, the uncoordinated, the repeated, and the lack of structure that is typical of so many enterprises. This routine and rhythm could well be anathema to many who have set up a business but is typical of the sort of change that needs to happen as a business grows. Of course the rhythm and the routine should never replace the constant striving for improvement and betterment but provide an environment and a process to allow that constant seeking for improvement to be executed. 

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