Life Is A Confidence Game  Part Two  

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Life Is A Confidence Game  Part Two  

Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts   

Life Is A Confidence Game  Part Two   I said I would share the sure fire method to build confidence and this is it. It is something I call the Wins Diary. It is simplicity itself. Anyone can do it and everyone can benefit from it. It works because it is a counter measure to that distinctly human trait of naturally noticing what went wrong rather than what went right, of noticing why we can’t rather than why we must. Here is how it works. Take and empty book, journal or diary and every day challenge yourself to write down a minimum of five wins, each day, and every day. That is it. It is that simple. It works because it forces you to notice the things you can do, the things you have done, and done well, rather than the things that may not have gone so well. What is a win? A win can be whatever you consider it to be. You are the only judge that matters. It may be having only one biscuit with your morning coffee, getting a good grade in a test, keeping your temper in a discussion, being patient, speaking up, being suitably assertive, persisting with a problem, getting up early to read, staying in bed a little longer. A win is whatever you class a win to be. You already know when your behaviour is moving you onward and upward and when it isn’t. What the wins diary does is forces you to think about it, to notice it and to commit it to paper. Only write wins in your wins diary. Keep it pure. You may feel the need to write some other stuff down. Do so by all means and find somewhere else to write it. A journal would be a good idea. Some interesting things happen when we start to commit thoughts to paper. They become permanent. They become visible. A thought by its very definition has disappeared before we actually begin to process it. I don’t care how bright you think you are the short term processing capacity of the human brain is very small. It cannot hold many thoughts at the same time. Write it down. Think in ink. It gives that thought a permanence that it wouldn’t otherwise have. It externalises the thought and allows objectivity. It allows you to think further about that thought; to consider it; to polish it; to analyse it; and maybe to replace it with a better one. Think in ink is a great discipline. Rituals exist in our culture because they work. Going to church on Sunday is a ritual. Celebrating birthdays and Christmas, high days and holidays are all rituals. If you can make writing in your wins diary a daily ritual it is much more likely to persist and over time you will have a rich and permanent record of 5 wins every day. That is 35 a week and over 1800 a year. I guarantee that after a while you will become more confident and when your confidence level dips you will have a treasure trove of evidence at your finger tips showing just how very capable you really are. And we all know that sometimes our confidence dips just when we need it most. Think of your wins diary as your very own booster pack, available just whenever and wherever you need it. It will force you to notice the things that you have done well; the things that you have achieved and it will make them permanent so that not even your most negative mind can forget or ignore them. We have a choice where our attention goes. Use it wisely.  

The range of what we think and do

Is limited by what we fail to notice

And because we fail to notice

That we fail to notice

There is little we can do

To change

Until we notice

How failing to notice

Shapes our thoughts and deeds.

-Daniel Goleman


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