Leading in a Crisis

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Leading in a Crisis

A Framework for Leading in a Crisis

To call these unprecedented times is a euphemism. Nobody has ever experienced what we are experiencing now in businesses across the world. I am continuing to do what I have been doing for the last 15 years, supporting my clients and helping them to think at a higher level so that they can make better decisions. Because no one has been here before there is no playbook and therefore no best practice to follow. We all have to do the very best we can, with what we have as we try to navigate very strange and very turbulent waters.

The advantage of a BHAG™

What I am finding however is that those businesses that have a coach and are managing to the ‘Rockefeller Habits’ methodology are proving to have significant advantages. I am sharing these thoughts with you, not as a boast and certainly not as an advertisement but because I think it can provide a steer for everyone. Those following the methodology will be clear about where they are going. We call this a BHAG™. They will have a specific 3 or 5 year destination. This allows them to have a clear strategy to get there. They will know the actions that will get them there and they will be able to measure their progress. They will understand their ‘why’, we call this ‘Core Purpose’ and will have agreed their behaviour, (Core Values). They will also have established an effective meeting rhythm to communicate all of this.

Purpose, Values and Strategy

Ironically these disciplines stand them in good stead right now. They are finding they have a framework to guide them in making the decisions they have to make right now. They will know whether their actions align with their purpose, values and strategy or not. Individuals at all levels throughout the business will be used to making decisions within that framework and, I would argue, are therefore better placed to make better decisions than others who lack a similar framework. We are all making it up as we go along, but some of us have already done the hard work of understanding the framework in which we want to operate. If you are not operating in this way, please get in touch and I can help you get clarity around some of the disciplines and processes.

A Bridging Strategy

I am suggesting that businesses have a ‘Bridging Strategy’ in place. How do you want to come out of this? Vis a vis your team, your customers and your stakeholders. Without absolute clarity of this you cannot have a clear strategy. If you haven’t got a clear strategy how are you going to make decisions and what are you communicating to your team? If you aren’t actively communicating that the business has an effective plan, you are accidentally communicating that you don’t have a plan at all. Is that the case? Is that your intention? People are looking for leadership.

If you are a leader this is your moral duty. Don’t mess it up. I am continuing to provide support to businesses and business leaders and owners alike as I continue to work online and at home, usually without pay but always with value. Please reach out. I know I can help and I am committed to do so.

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