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WWW Three Very Important Letters

Hi, Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts 

WWW Three Very Important Letters And I don’t mean the World Wide Web. 

I have written about the importance of setting up a rhythm of regular, structured focused and brief meetings to allow your business to pulse at an effective level, which will facilitate your growth. None of this will be as effective as it might be without the three letters WWW. Often when we think of meetings, we think of grey, boring gatherings of disinterested people droning on about something that no one really is bothered about. They are the sort of meetings that we want to avoid. There are many reasons our business might need a meeting but if we are taking the time to get the best brains in our business together we owe it to them and to the business to make sure that the time is used as effectively as it can be. The real value in most worthwhile meetings is in the decisions that we make and the actions we are going to take as a consequence of those decisions. If we are talking about stuff and not making decisions or deciding actions it is little wonder that people are disengaging from our meetings.

This is where the power of the WWW lies.

WWW stands for Who, What, When and is the simplest and most effective bit of paper I have ever come across. In your meetings appoint someone as the nominated scribe, and whenever a decision is made have the scribe write down WHO is going to do WHAT and by WHEN. Simple. For most management meetings we don’t need old-fashioned minutes. We do need a list of actions and accountabilities that were agreed. Minutes record who said what and take someone hours to type up. The Who What When can be handwritten as you go along so everyone understands and is involved with what has been agreed. Better yet, at the end of the meeting, you can either photo the Who What When on your smartphone and e mail it to all the attendees, or scan and e mail it, and the list of agreed actions and accountabilities can be on the desktop of every attendee before they get back to their desks. At the next meeting the first item on the agenda is to review the Who What When from previous meetings and you suddenly have a whole new level of accountability and action in your business. You will quickly be able to see, who is consistently delivering on their commitments on time and who isn’t, because any uncompleted actions will be moved forward to the next Who What When. It will also help you all to develop the skill of agreeing “Smart” objectives. In other words objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time framed. If you suffer from meetings that are boring, mundane, unproductive and inconclusive; if you suffer from inertia and inaction; if there is a lack of accountability and focus in your team then this one simple single sheet of paper could be the one thing that is the difference that makes the difference. Just try it and see the difference it makes. To save you time you can download a version of the Who What When at either of these locations. To download the Team Massive Results Who What When Click Here To download the Gazelles Who What When Click Here To download the complete Gazelles growth tools Click Here

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