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Working Two Jobs

Every time I see an American movie or biography I hear the phrase that someone was working two jobs to support them or their family. It is tough and it is heroic but it struck me that pretty much every business owner I know works at least two jobs, particularly in the early stages. The first job is doing whatever the business does, creating web pages, selling insurance or engineering and the second job is running the business. At the beginning the first job has priority and as the business grows the second job needs to have priority. You can’t do either job justice while you try to do both.

There are many reasons why we keep on working at least two jobs, not least the fact that we don’t like to let go. Is it any wonder that business owners get exhausted and burned out? Particularly when we think that our hero has probably trained in job 1 for 15 years and developed the skills for another 10. Whereas the more important job is job 2 and she has had no prior experience and no training or coaching in it. Part of that development would be learning that it doesn’t make sense to even try to do everything yourself. Working two jobs may seem heroic, even necessary at times but it is no strategy for success. We need to be better than that to reach where we need to get to. Inevitably business owners get exhausted and burnt out as they try to grow their business.

At Kinnery we grow the business leaders so they can handle growing a business more easily and with less stress. When we grow the business leaders, we take away the things that stop growth so the business results can grow more easily and with less effort, which results in better businesses with happy business owners, staff, customers and suppliers. To check whether I can help you on that journey