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To know and not to do….

As the saying goes “To know and not to do is not yet to know”. We live in a world where knowledge no longer has the value that it once had. Every one of us has the ability to look like and sound like a world expert. Every one of us could dominate the pub quiz, stun our children into open mouthed amazement as we watch University Challenge or Mastermind if we had the time and dexterity to access the right search engine quickly enough. As knowing has become easier is has become ever more devalued. We all have access to as much knowledge as we can use.

Back in the day if you wanted to know something you either had to find someone to teach you or go to the library where you may be fortunate enough to find the right reference book that might just be up to date enough to help. If you wanted to find out who the actor was in the film you are watching you had to wait and study the final credits, now a few simple keystrokes on your phone will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about them and more. Yet despite this common ability to look like and sound like a world expert, the fact is that world experts, high performers, are just as rare as ever they were, in every field.

Why? Well there is a world of difference between knowing about and knowing how to. There is also  a world of difference between knowing how to and actually doing and there is a world of difference between doing and doing well, consistently, and over a long period. True mastery only happens when we are able to perform at the highest level insistently consistently and persistently over time. Compare the results of Manchester United over the 26 years that Sir Alex was in charge (thank you Wikipedia) with those clubs who may have had one or two stellar seasons but couldn’t maintain the standard. It is not just about knowing. It is about doing.

If you are determined to grow yourself and your business you might want to consider the words of Jeffrey Gitomer when he said “People who are cocky and arrogant say “I know that” and move along. People who are confident and positive say “How good am I at that?” and seek to improve.” Success in any field is about being able to execute consistently at the highest level. It relies upon action as much as thought.

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