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Time to Reset

Whenever there is a break it is a time to reflect and an opportunity to make changes. After almost a year of lockdown it seems like we are about to emerge from this enforced break. So what have you reflected on and what changes are you committing to make?

There is talk of ‘going back’ to some kind of normal, but let’s be honest, many of the changes that have been forced upon us were probably coming anyway, they have simply been accelerated; things like more flexible working arrangements, working from home, teleconferencing, doing most of our transactions online. Few of us would admit to having enjoyed lockdown but many of us would also concede that some things have improved about the way we are working. Personally, I can’t see myself ever again driving for an hour to have a thirty minute meeting and driving home again for an hour when I can hop online and have the same meeting in one fifth of the time. Nor do I see myself resorting to shopping in the high street as I once did. For many people working from home has meant being able to craft a working day that suits them much better, whereas hopefully some bosses have realised that their previous snoopervision tactics were neither necessary or effective. People don’t need to be managed in the twenty first century as much as they need to be led. If we even think of going back we have wasted a good crisis. The speed of change continues to accelerate. How are you staying ahead of the curve personally, in your business and with your team?

Doing good by doing well.

A well-led business will benefit the world more than almost anything else. If you would like some help in improving your business performance or just someone to talk to please reach out. We are in some of the most challenging times ever. Don’t wish that life were easier, take action to get better

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