“Things to Look for in a Business Coach”

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“Things to Look for in a Business Coach”

Things to look for in a business coach:


Growing your business, scaling it to the next level isn’t either simple or easy. It can be extremely rewarding but it isn’t just a case of getting bigger. Growing your business simply cannot mean doing more of the same. With scale comes complexity and to truly grow the business means transforming the business in almost every way, including transforming the business leader and the leadership team. Many people will hire a business coach to help guide them on this journey. A business coach will provide expert professional, outside help and advice, training and support to grow the business. Here is what you should look for in a business coach: experience.

What is a business coach?

Before we discuss what you should look for in a coach, lets be clear what a business coach is and what he will do. Some people, including some coaches, confuse coaches with consultants. The two roles are very different. Generally a consultant will come into the business and sell you a solution or a process which is very specific and in which they are the expert. This can be very useful if you have a single situation that needs expertise. This is not what a business coach does. A business coach will get to know the whole organisation, the people and the business, getting under the bonnet of both and working with you to develop a plan to get you and the business from where you are to where you want to be.  He will propose plans and actions to get you there safely and quickly and more importantly he will hold you accountable for doing what needs to be done while helping you (coaching you) to develop the skills and expertise to execute at a high level. One of the main differences is a coach is not there to give you the answers, but to help you find the answers that will work best for you. In this way a great coach will grow the client. A consultant has no interest in growing the expertise of the client whereas the main objective of a coach is precisely that, to grow the client. As I remind my clients, if they are expecting to see dramatic change in their businesses, in their results and in their lives they cannot expect to simply keep on doing what they have been doing. They need to set very clear goals and timelines and map out a strategy to get there. That is exactly what I do as a coach and I have the tools and the experience to help them formulate and achieve specific, realistic goals, quickly and safely.

Why Is Experience So Important When Choosing a Business Coach?

There’s more to successful coaching than simply passing on helpful information. There are plenty of books, seminars, and workshops that offer insights for businesses. But if you’re looking for someone to train you to transform your business, you’ll want to choose someone who has actually taken businesses through the process successfully. Today’s business climate is characterized by disruption and change. You’ll want a coach who has scaled up businesses themselves and helped other businesses work through the changes that businesses face today. You’ll also want a coach who knows that—even though there are some basic principles that hold true across the board—every business is unique. It takes experience to recognize that and know when to hold the course, and when to make changes. And frankly, there is no better teacher than experience. Experience is what enables a coach to discern the difference between business fads and genuine business trends that can impact success.

Experience as a business coach

Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they can tell some of the story: 20,000+               

This is the number of hours I have spent coaching high growth business owners 15+                       

This is the number of years I have been coaching high growth businesses 40+                       

This is the number of years I have been involved in scaling up businesses 1500+                   

This is the number of businesses I have coached 500+                     

This is the number of business events I have spoken at 30+                       

This is the number of scaling businesses I have personally been CEO/MD of 1500+                   

This is the number of books in my personal library

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