The Pandemic, Resilience and the Leader’s Role

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The Pandemic, Resilience and the Leader’s Role

Resilience is the capacity to bend in the challenges of life and bounce back. The challenges of 2020 mean that resilience is an extremely valuable commodity for you and your team but what can you, as a leader do to build resilience within and among your team? Anything? Several studies notably by ADP Research and Gallup reveal that resilience is a combination of internal traits and external influences. The most powerful of those external influences are shown to be the team leader and the senior leader. This probably isn’t too surprising but it is highly important.

The studies have found that the more trustworthy you are as a leader, the more resilient individuals are likely to be. The better, the more frequently you communicate, the more resilient your team members are likely to be and the more open you are the more resilient others are likely to be. So whatever level you are in an organisation you can help build the resilience around you and it is important that you do. However, as always, the devil is in the details. The research has found that frequent personalised and honest communication works well. No matter how well intentioned, grandiose statements, bluster and whistling in the dark has the opposite effect. Trust is hugely important in this regard and trust can easily be destroyed by overly optimistic predictions, so stick to what you know for sure and the fact that none of us can see very far into the future just argues for a greater frequency of communication. It is also worth reminding ourselves that more than half of all communication is, in fact, listening. I have hardly spoken to anyone in recent days whose resilience isn’t being tested to some degree. As business leaders we have an ability to help. Take it and use it wisely, please.

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