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The Number One Leading Indicator

We are always looking for better indicators of how we and our business are doing. Typically, we are rarely short of lagging indicators- how the business has performed. Often what we lack are meaningful leading indicators. In other words, predictable and reliable indicators of how the business will perform.

Order take is a lagging indicator, website clicks could be a leading indicator. I was listening to a very successful entrepreneur who said “We look at turnover growth as a lagging indicator and the growth of our people as a leading indicator”. Genius She went on to point out that in a scaling business (20+% every year for 30 years in her case) everything changes as scaling happens and that change has to start with her, the business leader. It seems to me that she has articulated a very simple and obvious truth. If the leader isnt growing, the people within the business wont be growing and that means the business won’t be growing. Such a simple indicator.

Many successful business owners eventually hit a wall on growth and struggle to climb it alone. When you work with me you get a fresh perspective, a solid plan, and customised coaching so you can grow and scale your business safely and at speed. .To check whether I can help you on that journey