Ten Fatal Flaws in Leadership

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Ten Fatal Flaws in Leadership

Following on from last week’s article, fatal flaws form patterns and these examples are consistent causes of failure in the area of leadership. Ultimately, at some level, we are all leaders so these have a sense of universality. Here are ten frequently occurring fatal flaws in leadership.  

  1. Failing to inspire because of a lack of energy and enthusiasm
  2. Accepting mediocre performance rather than demanding excellent results
  3. The absence of clear vision and direction
  4. Loss of trust because of bad judgement and poor decisions
  5. Not being collaborative and a team player
  6. Not being a good role model, (not walking the talk)
  7. The absence of self development and the ability to learn from ones own mistakes
  8. Lacking the softer, interpersonal skills (emotional intelligence)
  9. Being resistant to new ideas and therefore not leading change or innovation.

10.  Focusing on self rather than the development of others Credit is given to the work of Zenger and Folkman for their work on this topic and I would intend to explore some of these flaws in more depth over the coming weeks.  

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