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Take a Break

It is strange how patterns seem to emerge and, like taps on the shoulder, it is worth taking notice of them.
Over the last 10 days or so I have noticed quite a few clients and contacts all commenting on the same challenge of fatigue. Irrespective of age or situation, fatigue, however it is labelled, seems to be affecting many people right now.
I shouldn’t really be surprised.

For many people who have been working from home the working week has become seven not five days long. The working day has stretched well beyond what we would regard as normal office hours. The lack of a commute, not travelling and not going out for lunch has saved time but all of that time has been spent working not relaxing.

Stress levels are high with huge uncertainty around whether we can support our families, our teams and our businesses. Confusion is high and rules seem to be changing daily and risk levels, well they just keep rising as freedom of movement increases.

I am sure this is true for everyone but there has never been a time when business leaders needed a cool rational head on their shoulders more than they do now. Part of the entrepreneur’s nature is that they just keep on battling on.

When humans are tired and stressed, we are incapable of accessing the higher levels of the brain where clear logical thought happens. We exist in a sort of reptilian survival mode. Which might have been helpful at some stage of our evolutionary development but doesn’t really add to our ability to strategize the survival of our complex, connected twenty first century businesses.

We were all very aware of the risks to our mental health when the crisis first began. Now, over 100 days in, is when we need to be even more vigilant and even more aware. We will all have some tough decisions to make and some decisive actions to take. Do yourself, your teams and your businesses a big favour and make sure that you are not too exhausted to make quality decisions. Find yourself a thinking partner, a coach or a trusted advisor to help you.

You need to be at your very best right now. Get the rest and the help you need.