Regular, structured, focused and brief.

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Regular, structured, focused and brief.

Hi, Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts 

Regular, structured, focused and brief.   

These are the four words that are key to promoting an effective meeting rhythm. If the rhythm of meetings in your business defines the heartbeat pulse of your business, then the effectiveness of those meetings determines the strength of the pulse. Sometimes I feel as though I might sound like I am selling meetings, and I am; but not meetings for meetings sake. Meetings have to be effective to have any value to the business. If they have value to the business they will stand a better chance of being valuable to your team. If they don’t, they won’t. Poorly run businesses have meetings, typically, for two reasons. The first is a crisis meeting. Something has gone wrong and we have to find someone to blame. You can tell if your business falls into this category because you will only call meetings irregularly and therefore infrequently and a dark cloud of doom will descend over all of the invitees, who will find all sorts of excuses not to attend. The second reason is that someone sold the boss on the idea of having meetings and the boss never really understood the real power behind them but he likes the sound of his own voice and a meeting gives him the platform he craves. You can tell if your business falls into this category by the value your team place on the meetings. Regular and consistent attendance might be a good measure of this; but don’t be fooled, it might just be that you serve better coffee and have nicer biscuits at your meeting than the managers have in their own offices!   Effective meetings are regular. They are held at the same time every day/ week/ month/ year. In that way a productive and cumulative rhythm will build. They can become shorter and even more effective as a consequence.   Effective meetings are structured. There is an agenda, a start time and an end time. People understand what they need to bring to the meeting and what questions they are expected to have the answers to.   Effective meetings are focused. There is a clear and written purpose or objective for each type of meeting. All participants know and understand the reason for the meeting and can therefore hold each other accountable to keeping the meeting on track and thereby do away with diversions and tangents. For example the weekly meeting may not be the place to discuss strategy. The right and proper place for that might be the monthly review or more likely the quarterly planning meeting, so don’t waste time by trying to discuss strategy at the weekly meeting.   Effective meetings are brief. Because they are regular and structured and with a defined focus, meetings can, and must be brief. There will always be an opportunity to schedule what we didn’t have time for at the next meeting.   Your meetings become a process rather than an event.   How strong is your pulse? Are all of your meetings regular, structured, focused and brief?

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