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Peak Experience

Foreword by Ian Kinnery

A few weeks ago we celebrated an innovation when Hazel Coupe my talented business manager decided to share some of her learnings by writing a blog. Well it proved a great success for her, for our clients and for the business. She even got stopped in the street to be congratulated! Well now I have gotten over my jealousy it is time for Hazel to share some more of her learnings. I hope you find them to be of value too.

Thank you and well done Hazel.

When was the last time you received such good customer service, you had that ‘wow’ moment as you walked away feeling all warm and that the world was in fact filled with happy people who are happy to help you?

On my completion of the book named ‘Peak’ How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow by Chip Conley, I reflected on how many of these Peak experiences I’ve had over recent months. Not only that, was I in fact operating at a Peak level in both my work and personal life?

The author of the book uses Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory as a basis for each chapter and discusses the importance of Self Actualisation. The relationship truths pyramid is particularly interesting and something that can be used in many areas of life to determine if base level needs are being met. I now have a copy of this pinned to my messenger board above my desk.

The foundation of Maslows theory is his hierarchy of needs pyramid, which presumes the human being rarely reaches a state of complete satisfaction except for a short time. As one desire is satisfied, another one is soon there to take its place. At the top of the pyramid is self-actualisation, now this is a place that Conely refers to as ‘a place where people have transient moments called “peak experiences”.

You will no doubt be familiar with the parable of the 3 stone cutters. When asked by a stranger what each of them where doing they gave different answers.  The first replied “I’m making a living”. The second said” I’m doing the best job of stonecutting in my country. And the final proclaimed “I’m building a Cathedral”. All 3 of the stonecutters were performing the same task yet each one viewed this task completely differently.

There are 3 kinds of subjective orientation people often have with work! We are all driven by different motivating factors. By using Maslow’s pyramid, we can identify which of these needs are being met and which are not. Finding these needs and ensuring that they are met in all walks of life is imperative to your performance and therefore the performance of any organisation you run or work for.

There is so much invaluable content that this book covers, it would be more than a useful read for any person or organisation, so my suggestion is to buy the book.

And finally, my question to you, is how and when will you get your mojo to reach the Peak performance in your life?


Hazel Coupe