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Our Greatest Gift

Stephen Covey once said that “Next to life itself, the power to choose is your greatest gift”. We should never forget it.

As people, as humans, as mankind, we get to choose. We get to choose our attitude; we get to choose our reaction. We get to choose whether to speak, or to hold our peace. We get to choose how we are going to spend our time. We get to choose so much, every minute of every day.

The fact that many of these choices seem like unconscious choices, does little to disguise the fact that we still get to choose. Every minute of every day every one of us gets to choose our attitude. We can choose whether to take on a victim mentality, or a victor mentality. We can choose whether to look at something with fear, or with excitement. We can choose to judge, or to accept. We can choose.

Now that I have let that particular genie out of the bottle you will understand that there really are no unconscious choices any longer, just circumstances where we have chosen not to be conscious of the choices available to us.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. That space is the place where we get to choose and knowing that we can choose brings with it a great responsibility. Are you going to choose to be your best, to bring your top game, your highest self to any particular situation; or are you going to choose to bring something else, perhaps your worst game, to bring your lower, or even your lowest self?

Robin Sharma shone a light on the subject when he wrote “It really is heart-breaking to me how many potentially amazing human beings dim their genius by little daily acts of average:“. Little daily acts of average is the result of a series of choices. Why would anyone, knowing they have a choice, choose average? What kind of insult is that to whatever they hold important?

Remember it is a choice.

It is your choice.

That’s why it is called your greatest gift.

What are you going to choose?