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Ordinary People

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and I am delighted to have announced that I am helping local charity Russ Devereux Headlight Project to grow and scale.

The charity was founded by Russ’s widow Cath after Russ lost his life to suicide four years ago. Their aim is to reduce the number of suicides in our corner of the world. I cannot think of a more worthwhile cause, or laudable ambition.

It aligns perfectly with my personal values, goals and priorities. I have a plaque on the wall that reads ‘’A business that is out of control is ruthless. It tears your life up’. As a business coach it is my express intention to prevent people’s lives being torn apart while trying to parent a business that refuses to grow up.

If a business is out of control and stressing the leaders out. No one wins. The leaders certainly don’t and their stress is passed through the business effecting everyone, team members, suppliers and customers alike.

Conversely a well run business allows everyone to win. It allows everyone to play at their best, doing something that they love as a valued member of a winning team, serving customers and society, adding value as they do. It provides an environment for ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Another laudable ambition don’t you think?



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