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On Teams 4

So we have looked, in previous blogs, at the fundamental essentials necessary to form a team, and we have looked at the requirements at an individual level, which are all easily understood but not necessarily easily achieved. At the team level there are four imperatives The most important in terms of its correlation to teams that are high performing is that the team must solve problems proactively. In other words the team should naturally and frequently operate as a team and be proactive particularly in relation to solving problems. The opposite would be passivity and inaction. The team would also regularly and routinely

  • Review itself and its performance
  • Support expression within the team, and
  • Build optimism

Externally a well-performing team will understand its context, what it is there to achieve as well as what it can achieve and it will build relationships externally, beyond the team itself. As these norms develop and become established so the collective or team emotional intelligence will naturally and consequentially be developed which will, in turn, release social capital within the team allowing it to become that pinnacle of teamship,  a high performing team. We can’t force a team to form or become high performing any more than we can force a seed to grow but we can create the conditions where it is far more likely to happen. Do you have all of the conditions in place?

I am on a mission to help business leaders get better financial results with less stress and more time to enjoy it and I promise by committing to working with me, you will feel better, more hopeful, more optimistic, more confident and less stressed. You will grow. Your business will grow in sales, profits and value. You will have a happier, more committed and engaged team and your quality of life will improve.  www.kinnery.co.uk