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On Teams 2

Despite the measurable benefits, mental health, efficiency and effectiveness as well as profitability of operating as a team, Pat Lencioni was bang on when he said “genuine teamwork is as illusive as it has ever been” in his must read ‘5 Dysfunctions of a Team’. And yet the world of academia has done extensive research on teams and teamwork as well as on the differences between working groups, teams and high performing teams, so the facts are known, even if the practice of creating and leading teams is less so.

Research shows that there are three elements which are non-negotiable. These things must be in place before a team can even be thought of as a team. They are fairly straightforward: Goals and Objectives; Meeting Processes and Roles and Responsibilities. Take a moment to reflect, honestly, whether the teams you would like to be more teamlike measure up to those three fundamentals. This is a great opportunity to use my four Golden questions.

  1. Do I know that? (In this case the 3 fundamentals) -you do now!!
  2. How well am I doing that?
  3. On a scale of 0 to 10 how good am I at doing that?
  4. What would it take to move the score another 2 points?

As I do the same exercise, I realise there are a couple of groups, that I am part of, that I would like to think of as a team, where we aren’t as clear as we could be about what we are trying to achieve, our meeting processes could be better defined and roles and responsibilities are ill-defined. Now we know the formula it wouldn’t take a lot to get to the next level and open up the possibilities of reaping the rewards of a well-performing team. Over the next few weeks, I am going to share some more of those team performance essentials with you in the hope that we can help to form better, more effective and successful teams because it is so much fun, so satisfying and essential to our wellbeing that we feel ourselves to be valued members of a winning team on an inspiring mission. I hope this will be of value to you.

I am on a mission to help business leaders get better financial results with less stress and more time to enjoy it and I believe that when businesses are well run they benefit everybody; employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and leaders alike. To help make your world a better world you can contact me at