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Not Just Broad but Deep

Today I attended a great workshop on Digital Transformation expertly delivered by friend and client Nick Salloway from Qrious In the Scaling Up world, one of our mantras is ‘He who wins the technology race wins the race’. It is difficult to see how anyone will be able to build a great company without appropriate technology. Qrious were keen to point out that transformation is not about the technology, it is about transforming the customer experience, which the technology can often enable.

However, it got me thinking about one of the predicaments that face the business owner of today. She probably isnt very expert in all things digital, and if she is, she probably isnt expert in marketing, or people management or financial management or HR legislation. The breadth of competence any business leader needs has always been one of the great challenges (and attractions) of heading up a business but today the need to have access to deep subject knowledge is also demanded. This phenomenon, plus the dizzying rate at which these things change is just one reason why teamwork and collaboration are so important in any organisation. No longer can the team be confined to our own employees we all need trusted experts from the wider business world, that we can lean on and use as expert guides. Being able to select and recruit coaches, marketers, digital wizards, financial and legal advisors, and integrate them into our organisation seamlessly and effectively is as important as recruiting team members and demands the same if not better diligence and skill.

Many successful business owners eventually hit a wall on growth and struggle to climb it alone. When you work with me you get a fresh perspective, a solid plan, and customised coaching so you can grow and scale your business safely and at speed. .To check whether I can help you on that journey