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A lurker, as my aggressive Glaswegian boss forcefully explained to me is an item of stock, in this instance a car, which doesn’t quite make the grade. It might have slightly higher mileage, be in an unattractive colour or just look a little tired and as a consequence it lurks. It takes up space, attention and resources but it doesn’t really appeal or perform, but we hang on to it and hope someone might come along and buy it one day. It is easy to let a lurker lurk and so we do.

I was taught to recognise a lurker-best pronounced very slowly and with a heavy Scottish accent and a lot of menace- quickly and move it on so I could fill the space and the credit line with something that would perform better, something that would shine and sing and enhance the whole feel of the place. I remember it as a significant and valuable albeit scary lesson. We also find lurkers in our headcount. People that fill a space, but don’t really perform. They take up space, attention and resources but don’t add much to the team. They end up just hanging around because it is easier to let them do that than to replace them with a shining star, but of course every time we swap out a C player and bring in an A player we know we increase the talent density and take the team to a whole new level. If you look at any highly successful team I guarantee you wont find any lurkers. Everyone has to constantly prove their value to the team to stay part of the team. What is the story of your team? Many successful business owners eventually hit a wall on growth and struggle to climb it alone. When you work with me you get a fresh perspective, a solid plan, and customised coaching so you can grow and scale your business safely and at speed.

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