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Is the Time Right?

If you know me, you will know I have a voracious appetite for reading books. You may not know how I select the books that I am going to read. Have you heard of the classic “How to win friends and influence people” an all time classic by Dale Carnegie first written in 1953? You may well have read it. If you haven’t do it now! I think I have probably bought 20 copies of this book. Before I became addicted to reading, the only time I ever read a book was on holiday. Typically, I would go to the airport bookshop and look for something to entertain me. I would buy “How to win friends and influence people”. On the beach I would open the book up and start reading. After a few pages I would think this is trite and simplistic and, even worse, ‘I know this!’. I did this year after year.

Then one day in June 2006 I opened up another copy of the book and I couldn’t put it down. Suddenly I was ready to learn what the book could teach me. I bought a leather bound copy of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. It sat in full view on my coffee table of the house I had in the Midlands for 3 years and no matter how often I picked it up I couldn’t make headway with it. Sometime in 2008 I picked it up again and it is now in my top 20 books. I believe you have to be ready for what you need to learn. Now I buy books that appeal and when I finish one book I will find that one of the books in the ‘unread’ section of my library will wave to me and let me know that this is the right book to read next. It has just happened again. On Friday I pulled a book from the library that I first started to read 7 years ago without making any progress. I have completed 274 pages over the weekend. It is absolutely the right book to teach me what I need to learn right now to best serve my clients. It seems to work every time. What is the universe telling you that you need to learn right now?

Doing good by doing well.

If you would like some help or just someone to talk to please reach out. Coming out of lockdown will be far more challenging than going in was. I know I can help and I am committed to do so.

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