How Complex Is Your Business?

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How Complex Is Your Business?

The upside of complexity

Growing Business

One of the major roadblocks to growing any business is the way that things become exponentially more complex unexpectedly quickly. I have written and spoken about this many times. The principle is that as a business grows in an apparently linear fashion, one person by one person the number of relationships grows exponentially so an organisation of 2 players growing to 4 increases the relationships from 2 to 12 while 4 people to 8 will increase the relationships from 12 to 56. There will be a limit to the amount of complexity our individual skills, our systems and processes can handle and so we tend to get stuck, both individually and collectively, sooner rather than later, unless we can scale up our ability to handle complexity more quickly than the complexity increases and of course that is where coaching is so very important. However, as we gather more people in our organisation, we also have more brains, more intellect, more viewpoints and more capacity. This can work for us as well as against us. If everyone we add to the organisation is an individual, with their own agenda, their own priorities and their own opinion on what we are about we are creating a rabble.

A True Team 

But if every addition adds talent and is united behind a common vision, a common purpose and shared values we have the foundations of a team and teams are still the most effective multiplier of success that there is. A true team will be more, much more than the sum of its parts. No longer a rabble but a highly effective and leveraged way of turning action into extraordinary results. So the takeaway seems pretty clear, if you want to scale your business one of the most important skills to develop, probably the most important skill, is the skill of being able to lead, to unite, to focus a team around a common goal and a way of working. Leadership is what turns a diverse rabble into a well-honed, committed fighting force. Leadership turns the problem of complexity into the opportunity of leverage. Leadership will transform any organisation just as sure as lack of leadership will condemn an organisation. Therein lies the opportunity and the challenge, how to develop as a leader. Specifically how to develop to be the leader and the leadership team your business needs right now? Remembering that the leader and the leadership style that was adequate yesterday may be neither adequate nor appropriate today. We are holding our next seminar on Wednesday 23rd January 2019, 9am meet for a 9.30am start in the Cathedral Suite, Durham County Cricket Club, for more details and to book your place click here.