Have you got my number? by Ian Kinnery

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Have you got my number? by Ian Kinnery

I am suggesting that every single aspect of your business will have someone who is accountable for it. Every line on your accounts, every process, every KPI and every behaviour. If that accountability is not formally assigned to someone, and we often call this delegated, it will default to you the business owner, or business leader. If you aren’t dealing with it or don’t have time to deal with it then it probably won’t get done or at best will only get done sporadically or when a crisis occurs. How often crises occur is a good measure of how well a business is being run. Of course legally the buck ultimately stops at the door of the shareholders of the business. It therefore makes sense that when assigning accountabilities that we apply as much specificity as we can. Is it possible to put a number on the performance level that we expect and how precise, definite, and measurable can that be? Rather than simply assigning accountability, assign accountability for something to a specific level by a specific date. Rather than “your job is to help on the sales side of the business” you might say ”your role is to increase sales of product Y from £50,000 per month to £75,000 per month by the end of August.” Those numbers give everyone clarity on the precise and specific outcomes that are expected. By removing the grey areas everyone is very clear about what is expected of them, to what standard and by when, thus forming a much more secure basis from which to operate. If neither the employer nor the employee can clearly measure whether they are doing a good job there will always be doubt and therefore insecurity, and we all work best from a secure base.