“Does Your Leadership Team Have Confidence and Swagger?”

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“Does Your Leadership Team Have Confidence and Swagger?”

Does your business feel like it has stalled? Has it plateaued? Or flatlined?

Reason # 8

In the same way that a team that is not aligned will get in its own way and start working against itself. The same is true for a business. As businesses grow, they become more and more complex. A good leader and a good leadership team will know how to simplify that complexity so that they can lead a big organisation well.

Synergy in a business

A bigger business has a lot of moving parts. The leaders who have mastered the complexity and have gotten the people aligned should reach a state of synergy. Wikipedia defines synergy as the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The state of synergy in a business is an absolute blast. It feels very fulfilling. The leaders will have the right people, the right processes and the right amount of leverage in place. It seems easy and effortless. It is fun. It is a time to crank up the volume and just pick up the bits that drop off. Anyone who had led a business at synergy level will recognise it. To those that haven’t got to that stage yet it will seem like some kind of mirage. But it is attainable, and it is well worth the effort.

A Winning Team 

All of the parts seem to be working together and multiplying the end result, a bit like a championship winning race team or sports team. There is a confidence; a swagger almost in everything you do. All of the elements seem to be coming together. It is a great place to be. Like many other things, it doesn’t happen entirely by accident. The confidence and experience to keep architecting the synergistic business is important. Failure to do so will feel like a business that has stalled. This reason may or may not apply to you. It is one of the 10 most frequent reasons businesses seem to stall or flatline. I will be dealing with this and the other 9 reasons in my next seminar. Click here for details. Or Click here for details on the other 9 possible causes.