“Do You Have a Workable Roadmap for Your Business”?

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“Do You Have a Workable Roadmap for Your Business”?

The Prime Decision 2

We read a book from start to finish. We live our lives and build successful businesses the other way around. Once we have made that prime decision. Once we know what we are trying to create, what our definite major purpose is, then we can start to create it. This process is called reverse engineering. I had a client who built cranes and I once asked him how he designed a crane. He explained that he spoke to the customer and understood exactly what he needed the machine to lift, at what range and in what conditions and designed something to do precisely that.  He thought I had lost it when I asked, “don’t you just walk out of the office and weld the first piece of metal you find to the second?”. “Why would you think that?” he shouted. “Well” I replied, “that’s the way you are trying to build your business”. 

Have the end in mind

If we want the business to achieve specific things in a definite time frame how do we get there? If we want X in ten years time, what are the milestones that we will need to hit in 5 years time? To hit the 5 year milestones where do we have to be in 3 years, in 1 year? And if we need to hit those milestones in 12 months, what do we have to do in the next 90 days? In order to achieve that in 90 days, what do we have to do this week, today? Do we have the skills and the knowledge to do that?  Suddenly when we are clear and committed to the end in mind we can start locking all of our decisions and all of our actions into a cohesive plan to deliver the end in mind. Without that clear end in mind it is impossible. It would also be a mistake to think of the end in mind simply in financial terms. Of course if we are talking about a business we can’t ignore the financials, neither can we when designing a life, but thinking purely in terms of a financial number is probably too naïve.

Your workable roadmap

So if you are stuck and feeling that you are not making enough progress ask yourself how clear you are on your own personal end in mind. Talk it through with someone who is qualified to help you, your thinking partner, your coach, you do have one don’t you? It is impossible to have a workable roadmap if we are not clear on the destination.

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