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Contagious Area; precautions recommended

Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts

Contagious Area; precautions recommended


Ebola, under certain conditions, is extremely contagious. Fortunately the scientists understand exactly what the conditions are for it to be contagious and when we see reports on the news the brave nursing staff are always wearing their protective suits. Emotions, moods and mindset are equally contagious. Perhaps we should develop protective clothing to protect us from them too. No matter how hard we try, as individuals, to master our mindset; to remain positive, to accept responsibility, to adopt a growth mindset, which we know is so important, it seems that life is somehow corrosive, abrasive and can constantly keep throwing us circumstances and situations to test even the most resolute of temperaments. If we don’t have adequate counter measures in place it is easy for our positive demeanour to be totally eroded and to be left with more of a victim mentality. Perhaps it would be useful to have some counter measures in place and some rituals to deflect the natural erosion that life throws at us. Emotions are extremely contagious. It is very easy for the mindset of the people that we surround ourselves with to become our mindset before we realise it. We all know the effect that the presence and influence of someone with a positive sunny disposition can have on us. It is likely to help us be positive and sunny too. We should also be aware of the negative effect that “neg heads” can have on us. We quite naturally and understandably seek out the company of like minded individuals and it is scary how often such a gathering can rapidly deteriorate into a pity party. We start swapping stories which tend to focus on our woes and worries and before you know it the conversation has rapidly spiralled downwards to a fully fledged pity party, leaving us instantly gratified to have been able to vent to another human but ultimately no better equipped to face the future or to take ownership for our position. The “Wins diary” that I wrote about recently is a great counter measure to this spiritual erosion. Another variation that some people use is a gratitude diary, where they have a daily ritual of writing down the things for which they are grateful. What else do you have in place to counter the ravages of living life? For some it is their faith. I personally find that reading educational and uplifting books works as a countermeasure in that I feel in some way that I have grown between yesterday and today when I am reading regularly. Physical exercise and a proper diet have a similar effect. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that all of this stuff takes some effort. When we aren’t putting the effort in, we easily and naturally start sliding backwards. Watching the TV, spending too much idle time on social media, chit chat and gossip seems to have a totally negative effect. Don’t misunderstand me, I do all of those things but I try not to do much of them. I always feel better when I am surrounded by positive, enthusiastic, optimistic and high achieving people and so I try to optimise the amount of time that I am in that environment, and minimise the time I am in a toxic environment. A friend once told me that he was on a “news diet”, so I do the same now. There is rarely anything on the news that is either positive or that I can’t miss and I feel that if I spend too long immersed in the world of crime, corruption and disaster my view of the world will inevitably become contaminated by it. Having a coach, reading uplifting blogs and comments, watching comedy and listening to music and getting out into the country with my dogs every week are all my versions of the protective suit. I wonder what yours are.



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