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Check Your Pulse

When I was younger I never realised the importance of rhythm either in life or in business. Now I can see how important it is. Of course life has a natural rhythm, we sow, we grow and then we harvest and then we repeat over and over again.

Businesses too have a series of rhythms. The meeting rhythm is a favourite. In ‘Scaling Up’ and ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’ Verne Harnish describes the meeting rhythm of a business as the heartbeat of the business. If the business is growing it will inevitably be pulsing faster, if it is pulsing slowly or irregularly the business is likely failing or maybe even dying. What is your firms pulse rate? At this time of year in the UK we have a number of public holidays in quick succession and it is easy to allow that to get in the way of maintaining a good and healthy rhythm, but that pulse rate is so important that we cannot ignore it. We wouldn’t let the fact that we are going on holiday get in the way of our heart beating, would we? Do don’t let the holiday season interfere with the pulse rate of your firm.  

Many successful business owners eventually hit a wall on growth and struggle to climb it alone. When you work with me you get a fresh perspective, a solid plan, and customised coaching so you can grow and scale your business safely and at speed. To check whether I can help you on that journey