Business would be OK if it wasn’t for people. by Ian Kinnery

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Business would be OK if it wasn’t for people. by Ian Kinnery

One of the biggest challenges in running any business is people. It is people who work in the business, people are our customers. No matter how much we may say that we wished we could do without people the fact is that if it weren’t for people we simply wouldn’t have a business, or indeed a need for a business. The challenge then is how do we learn to deal with people better? People are complex. Dealing with people can become complex. People are complex systems.

What is a complex system? 

Well, let’s look at a simple system first. A petrol engine is a simple system, in essence the more fuel you pump in the more power it produces. The relationship between input and output is linear. It is predictable, it can be calculated, it can be measured and it is therefore simple. People aren’t like that. Even the simplest people are a complex system. A complex system is one where there is some form of feedback loop that informs and changes the system. People are complex systems because they can learn and they do learn- all the time. Every experience informs and changes each one of us. In some way you are not the same person as you were when you started reading this article or even this sentence. This means that what worked for you yesterday may not work in the same way today. For example the encouragement that worked with an individual today, may not work with the same individual tomorrow. Why? because they are essentially different people. They have learned and therefore changed. The situation will be different, maybe in a tiny way, maybe in a major way There is a saying that you cannot step into the same river twice. For the same reasons, you and I are not the same people that we were when we began this blog. Every encounter is therefore a first meeting, a fresh encounter. That is why interactions with people can be challenging. They are all fresh encounters, no matter how well we think we know the other person, because the other person no longer exists; they are constantly being renewed and refreshed. If we start with that premise it may help all of our relationships. Developing the skills to quickly engage with others, to build rapport, to quickly, easily and effectively connect therefore become key skills if we want to perform better in anything that involves people. Jim Rohn said, never wish that life were easier, wish that you were better. In large measure the skills that I am referring too are what we label Emotional Intelligence. The good news is that Emotional Intelligence is a set of competences and skills that can be learned, practiced and developed. 

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