Becoming a Leader – It Doesn’t Happen by Accident

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Becoming a Leader – It Doesn’t Happen by Accident

A New Start In last week’s blog I wrote about the start of the new year, the new decade and perhaps a new era. I also said that success starts with gaining the specific knowledge that you need, so that you can then learn and practice and perfect the skills that you will need. I also said how knowledge and skills are not enough. It is about who or what you need to become.

More than knowledge and skills

If you want to have a great business, an aligned and engaged team, to have great results and to be the business leader you always wanted to be you will need to not only know what a great leader knows and develop the skills that a great leader has, you will also have to become a great leader. That is about so much more than the knowledge and the skills. It is about mindset and attitude and a sense of relaxed and well founded confidence in the role.

Becoming a leader

The great news is that we can all learn what we need to learn, even the mindset and so we can become what we need to become. Make sure your plans include more than the simple acquisition of knowledge but the personal development that will allow you to become who you need to be. If you want to be a great or even a better leader then you have to study and practice leadership in order to become a leader yourself, it doesn’t happen by accident.