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In his book ‘The Icarus Deception’ Seth Godin describes a business as art. I like that analogy. Like art there is no right way and no wrong way to create a business, there are however things and techniques which we must master in order to do it well. Scale and perspective spring to mind for the visual arts, rhythm and timing for the more physical arts. But the real test of the quality of art we produce is the audience. It will either connect or it won’t. The real test of a business, the only thing that matters, is the market. If we produce what the market wants it will sell at an acceptable price, if we don’t it won’t. The consumer’s market isn’t the only market we operate in. We also operate in the labour market and in the money market.

If we create an environment where people want to work with us we will have no problem finding the right people to work alongside us. If we create a business that provides excellent returns for those who we might need to finance our efforts, we will have no problem finding that finance. We also work in a world that is endangered. If we add to that threat, we will become rapidly less acceptable, whereas if we reduce or reverse that threat we will be welcomed and encouraged. It can seem brutal but it is just a fact of life. How do you need to adjust? As Godin says, if people don’t like your art, create better art.

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