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Are You Ready?

So as the clock keeps on ticking and day passes lockdown day and week passes lockdown week, and the initial panic starts to fade I wonder what you are going to do now? For many the time might be just perfect to pivot your mindset and your thought process. I imagine your thoughts have been dominated by denial, anger and resistance as you entered what we often refer to as the grief cycle, but as time moves on, which it inevitably does, I wonder are you ready yet to pivot your thinking from simply surviving through this chaos to thriving because of it? How would your thinking differ if you were planning to thrive rather than merely survive? Perhaps rather than looking at how you need to tighten the belt by looking just at the risks and the tensions you might start looking at the gains and the opportunities that are presenting themselves. How can you add value for your clients or reduce their costs? What opportunities are out there for you and your business right now? The point is that they will be difficult to see if you are looking in the wrong direction. Allow yourself to focus on thriving not just surviving. Someone once described foveal vision as one of the top three impediments of personal effectiveness. Foveal vision refers to an extremely narrow focus. The sort of thing we need when trying to survive in a crisis. However, it is impossible to see the vastness of what is in front of us when we are focussing on a point six inches in front of our nose. So here is a task for this week. Give yourself a break. Give yourself permission to detach from survival mode. Give yourself time and space to relax, widen your vision and survey the distance, look at the horizon and start to wonder how you are going to thrive in the world in front of you. You won’t find the answer right in front of your face but you might find it in the vastness of what lies ahead. Go on, give yourself permission to shift your focus. I sense the time may be just perfect for you.