Are You Good at Employing Great People?

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Are You Good at Employing Great People?

Recruiting the Best

Recruitment problems are at epidemic proportions. It has always been a challenge for ambitious and expanding businesses but without a doubt this is the complaint that I am hearing most frequently at the moment. It shouldn’t be a surprise. As a country we are closer to full employment than we have been for many years. Our attitude to work has changed, and quickly. It is no longer uncommon for someone to have more than one job. Not everyone wants to work five days a week, for the same employer. Some want a portfolio career. I heard this week that the average thirty year old has already had six jobs. It would have taken a previous generation all of their working life to clock up the same number. The days of a job for life are long gone and  it is no longer a desirable option for most.


Most importantly people today have choice and they are used to exercising that choice. Their expectations are high and they don’t need to settle for second best. All of these factors have changed the world in which we are trying to recruit. Denying or being ignorant of these changes won’t serve you well at all. You need to be a smarter recruiter, and that starts well before you need to recruit. If you haven’t made your firm the place where everyone wants to work you are already in trouble. If you aren’t the employer of choice, you may well be the employer of second choice or even the employer of last choice. If that is the case you have already put yourself behind the eight ball. You are likely to attract only those people who don’t care much where they work or who can’t get any employment anywhere but you. It will be really difficult to build a good business without the best people.

Employment Experience 

Don’t kid yourself. Social media will mean that the ‘truth’ about the employment experience at your firm can never be a secret any longer. People will know. Marketing to your current team and your potential future team is every bit as important as marketing to your current and future customers in the twenty first century. You will be known as the place to work or the place to avoid.

Recruiting Great People 

If you want to be able to recruit great people, you need to be at the top of the list of desirable places to work, in your area or your industry and preferably both. This won’t happen by accident and it doesn’t happen quickly, so you need to get started now, oh and by the way, this doesn’t mean that you simply need to pay the biggest money. Over the next few weeks in this blog and in my 2020 seminars I will be examining what it means to be a successful and smart employer. Our Free seminars have ended for the current year but will be starting again in the New Year, why not come along? It’s never too late to make a start.