Are You Becoming the Leader You Need to Be?

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Are You Becoming the Leader You Need to Be?

Three Steps to Becoming

To become the leader that your business, your team and your people need you to be involves three fundamental steps. It is the same with any area of self-development. The first step is knowing. We have to know what high performance looks like. In order to do this we have to learn. You see we know what we know but we don’t know what we don’t know and it is what we don’t know that is going to cost us. So it all begins with learning and adding to our knowledge. Do you have a process in place that is designed to help you learn new things?

Developing Skills

Of course we all know people who have a lot of knowledge but are not high performers. To become a better leader, knowledge alone is simply not enough. We need to take that knowledge and then develop the skills that are needed to improve our performance. Leading an organisation is an activity. By that I mean it is based on action, on what we do. We need to develop the skills that will allow us to behave, to perform, at a higher level. The real way we develop any set of skills is through constant and deliberate practice. Deliberate practice specifically means practicing with the deliberate intention of getting better. This requires observation and feedback, which is why trying to do this on our own is often so frustratingly unproductive.

Improving Knowledge

If we are constantly improving our knowledge and understanding of our craft. If we are constantly practicing to get better with well-crafted feedback eventually we will start to internalise the new way of thinking and displaying the new skills and eventually and almost without knowing it we will start to take the third step which is becoming the leader we need to be; where we will find ourselves naturally, easily and effortlessly behaving as the leader, because we have become that high performing leader. Knowledge is only the start of this never-ending journey. Over the next few weeks in this blog and in my 2020 seminars I will be examining what it means to be a successful and smart leader. Our Free seminars begin again on January 28th . Why not come along? It’s never too late to make a start to become the leader your organisation needs you to be.