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Are we nearly there yet

Team Massive Result’s Thursday’s Thoughts


Are we nearly there yet Already January is at an end and February is upon us. If you were one of those who set yourself some goals at the end of 2014 for achievement in 2015 now would be a good time to take stock and review your progress towards those goals. How have you done I wonder? Are you still on track? Or have you forgotten about them already? If you have forgotten them already and you wish that something different had happened, it is not too late. Research has shown that the achievement of goals is more likely to happen when those goals are shared with someone else. Have you done that? Have you let someone else know that you want to read a book every month or to lose 5 kilograms? Is there someone who is keeping you accountable?  Who can you share your goals and aspirations with? Are they in your face, every day and preferably all day reminding you of your commitments? They used to say that sticking them to the fridge door was the thing to do. It forced you to look at them several times a day and I still believe that this is a powerful way to remind yourself of a weight loss target. I have had clients who used a photo of their goals as a wallpaper on their phone. Given the amount of times people look at their phones each day this could be an even more effective technique than the fridge. What about a screensaver on the PC? What could you do with a ringtone? Basically anything that you can do to make your goals and targets visible, immediate and detailed is likely to work. What won’t work is not “thinking in ink” in the first place, or writing them out and hiding them away. If you have committed them to ink and neatly tucked them away in your brief case as I often do, then the weekly ritual of revisiting the scores, or the monthly ritual of plotting progress is vital. Of course today there are all sorts apps and reminders that you can set so that you continue with the ritual. is one I would have often recommended. If you are still struggling to set effective goals, perhaps it would help to relax and be a little more selfish. I often find that people struggle because they try to set goals that have no intrinsic value to them or that may even conflict with what they really hold to be of value. For example I know a number of people who have tried to set goals around an increased income or revenue target for the business and struggled. When they really thought about it they eventually realised that more money or revenue was not something that they really valued. The human brain will reveal this lack of alignment one way or another. We have to want the achievement of the goal more than we are frightened about paying the price. It may be that somewhere in the recesses of our mind we don’t value making money as much as we worry about the perceived loss that we feel might result by having more money. To explain we might, in some way, think that if we had more money we might jeopardise the relationships that we already have. By moving to a new neighbourhood we might lose the friends that we have, by driving a bigger car our current friends might be jealous of us. Until we can resolve these, often unvoiced, concerns we are likely to not take that particular goal fully on board. One way out of this dilemma is to reframe the goal. It may be that “being of service to more people” is more aligned to what we really value than “making more money”.

Getting the right goals that will work for you is not always a simple process, but don’t let that put you off from doing what you need to do to get the results you deserve



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