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A Time for Planning

Last week I wrote about the power of reflection and I hope you found that exercise beneficial. One of the consequences of honest reflection is that many of us realise that we haven’t progressed nearly so far in the last period as we owe ourselves to have done. Well as the year, or month, or week, or day draws to a close that provides a great opportunity to set your goals for the coming period. There are many methods of goals setting. I don’t care which one you choose but I do care if you don’t choose any. “If you aren’t going somewhere you are, by definition, going nowhere”, so it is time to set yourself some goals, some things you want to have achieved, to have learnt, to have done, by the end of the next period. Click this link Great Goal Setting to download an article I wrote some time ago which will help you with this really vital task. Good luck on being the best you can be.