**WEBINAR** Be A Great Boss – The 7 Compelling Attributes of a CEO

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**WEBINAR** Be A Great Boss – The 7 Compelling Attributes of a CEO

In this webinar you will learn the seven attributes all top bosses have in common. Study after study demonstrates that the biggest impact anyone can have on any business is to increase the leadership ability available to that business. So register your place and find out what the seven most valuable attributes are.

And go away understanding:

  1. What good looks like as a leader
  2. How you can begin to develop those traits
  3. How you can use your existing strengths to increase your Leadership Quotient
  4. What best practice looks like
  5. What your unique leadership style can become

This webinar will be perfect for anyone who is struggling to maximise their business, or anyone new to leadership, or anyone who is ambitious, intelligent and humble enough to know they can develop their value by developing their leadership quotient. Jim Collins identified level 5 leaders as being one of the factors that took a company from good to great.