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Choose Well

Every morning is brightened up by the greeting my dog gives me. His boundless enthusiasm reminds me that today is another new day and I get to choose what I am going to make of that fresh opportunity. Invariably my bright and sunny outlook can be countered by the weather, or the news or the mess that I failed to clear up before I went to bed as I prepare to encounter the new day, but his ‘total body tail wag’ reminds me that he hasn’t let any of that affect him. The fact is that every one of us has the ability to choose what we are going to make of the opportunity or whether we are going to let circumstances stop us each day and every day.

A few days ago we were gifted not only a bright shiny new day but a bright and ever so shiny New Year. It would be foolish to not be deliberate and conscious of what we are going to make of that opportunity and commit to it. They say January is the longest and most depressing of months. The weather is cold, the days are short and here in the UK we generally have corporation and personal tax that needs to be paid. The odds are stacked against us coming out of the month with our enthusiasm and ambitions still burning bright. So it is important that we choose our goals and our outcomes well and build the fire and fan the flames well, for it is those goals and ambitions that sustain us when we need it most. Inevitably business owners get exhausted and burnt out as they try to grow their business.

At Kinnery we grow the business leaders so they can handle growing a business more easily and with less stress. When we grow the business leaders, we take away the things that stop growth so the business results can grow more easily and with less effort, which results in better businesses with happy business owners, staff, customers and suppliers. To check whether I can help you on that journey