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Busy Doesn’t Mean Growth

And growth doesn’t mean busy, but as leaders, we often confuse the two. It isn’t fair that so many hard-working, honourable and ambitious people get stuck in the busy-ness trap. This confusion is partly to blame. Let’s be clear when we are in the ‘survival’ stage of a business having lots of work to do seems like a good thing and it usually is if it is paying work we are talking about. To move out of the survival stage we need to think at a higher level.

Growth is really about increasing something; our capacity, our knowledge, our expertise, our confidence or our reputation for example. Growth is a positive thing. Being busy, on the other hand, is probably a negative thing. Being too busy definitely is. When we are too busy we don’t have either the time or the space or the energy to grow. If growth precedes busy we will be able to handle the busy but if busy comes before growth, growth will be strangled. Busy may be a reasonable ambition if we work for a corporation because it means we are safer and less vulnerable to losing our job but for the entrepreneur or the business owner busy is likely to cause us to become stuck and prevent our growth. That is the busy-ness trap. Inevitably business owners get exhausted and burnt out as they try to grow their business.

At Kinnery we grow the business leaders so they can handle growing a business more easily and with less stress. When we grow the business leaders, we take away the things that stop growth so the business results can grow more easily and with less effort, which results in better businesses with happy business owners, staff, customers and suppliers. To check whether I can help you on that journey https://calendly.com/iankinnery/canweworktogether