Do You Put Your Learning Into Practice?

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Do You Put Your Learning Into Practice?

The Top 5 Business Words

Over the last few weeks I have proposed what I think are the top five business words; accountability, alignment, momentum leverage and love. I could have, as I am sure you will appreciate, gone on for a very long time adding to this list. It is quite a fun idea and you might like to compile your own list. I have ended the series and the exercise for now but I don’t feel that I can completely close the door on it without making reference to one concept. That is the concept of learning. I don’t believe I have ever met someone who is successful in any endeavour who is not a dedicated and almost obsessive learner.

A desire to constantly learn

In my experience the greatest practitioners are avid students of whatever it is they practice, whether that be a sport, an occupation, a hobby or a profession. That desire to constantly learn more seems to me to be the common factor in great performers. They read about the subject matter, study it, write about it, think deeply about it and most importantly they do so in order to get better.

Translating knowledge

Perhaps learning isn’t quite the right word. I come across a number of people who are students of something but who aren’t practitioners of it to any great degree. Think of the enthusiast who reads constantly about Formula One but can’t drive or can’t drive very well. Basically it is not enough to learn how to do something, we have to learn how to translate that knowledge into practice to give a near perfect performance each and every time. Leading a business is not simply an intellectual pursuit. It is about action. It is about doing. It is a performance sport and we need to learn to perform if we want to master it. That is why Growth Mindset is so important. Growth mindset refers to The intention and commitment to grow, to take on the unknown, to turn an ordeal into an adventure, to step into the discomfort zone. This may not be one of the most important business words or phrases but I will argue it is one of the most important phrases to those who would be great at business.