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A Win; Win On Steroids.

I have always loved the concept of win; win and I teach it a lot. I learned Jim Rohn’s definition which is that a win; win is never a compromise. For a win; win to be possible, party A has to understand what is going on for party B and party B has to understand what is going on for party A. In addition, they both need to be actively open to finding another way. A way which allows both parties to get what they want without giving anything up (conceding). It is simple and elegant. We should constantly strive for a win; win, I believe and I try to uphold the motto of ‘win; win or no deal’. This week I learned a new word, a word I had never heard before. That word is Concinnity. Which means “the skilful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something. Studied elegance of literary or artistic style.” I learned it through reading “Firms of Endearment” by Raj Sisodia who uses it to describe the system of stakeholder management to resolve the seemingly insurmountable conflicts in business between the various stakeholders. Traditionally there is conflict between shareholders, staff members, suppliers and customers. Usually driven by the simplistic belief that the pie is of a given size and paying the staff more, for example can only be achieved by paying the shareholders less, or charging the customer more or screwing the supply chain down. Concinnity then is like a multidimensional win; win. A simple and elegant philosophy and business ethos which results in all stakeholders benefitting equally. Sisodia explains it far better than I but he does take several hundred pages to do so. Concinnity is rapidly becoming my favourite word. It may be simple and elegant in concept and some of the greatest modern businesses are achieving concinnity, making the world a better place as a result but like a win; win it is not simple to achieve, which probably makes it even more desirable and valuable. Imagine helping to grow a business from which everybody benefits; the team working in the business, the investors, the suppliers and the customers. That has to be an ideal worth striving for, doesn’t it?